Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vanilla Pudding


This was specially made for Prashe...

whole milk 4 cups
corn flour 1/4 cup
sugar 2/3 cup
egg 1
butter 2 tbsp
vanilla extract 2 tsp (don't use the fake ones)
Mix the sugar n corn flour togather, add cold milk ( make sure the milk is cold if not you'll hav to struggle with corn flour lumps) gradually.  whisk everything well n make a lump free solution.
Start to heat the solution( use a heavy bottomed pan) not on high heat. 
Keep stirring (or it will get burnt) till you see the first boil, by this time the consistency should hav thickened.
Let it boil for a minute then break the egg in a bowl and add a ladle full of hot pudding to it and whisk it very fast so the egg don't get cooked.
Now add the egg n pudding mixture into the pudding pan and boil till you see the first bubble.
Add the butter and vanilla extract to it and mix well.
Transfer to ur serving bowl and refrigerate after it reaches room temperature.
Serve with frozen fruits or chocolate sauce.

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