Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hibiscus Tea


I have become a little health freak lately and this is one of my healthy( tasty :P ) addition to my everyday diet...
Basically I don't like to plant flower plants but I love my kitchen garden and I have many herbs and basic veggie plants. 2 years back when I got this hibiscus plant from a nursery I just thought it's of no use until I came across the health benefits of hibiscus Tea, As they are blooming around 10 flowers a day which is more than enough for my everyday tea...
Sometimes I even dry them on my kitchen counter with some mint, basil and holy basil leaves store them for a later use. This tea is awesome. 


5 hibiscus flowers dried or fresh 
1/4 cup dried herbs of your choice
Lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon
Sweetner of your choice (optional) 
Water 500 ml 


It's simple... Just add the water and herbs and bring to a good boil then add the hibiscus to the water and switch off the flame.

Let it rest for 5 mins then strain the tea and add the lemon juice ( a little magic happens here...  The tea will be in a purple shade when strained but once you add the lemon juice it turns into a beautiful Ruby Red color) 

Add your sweetner or enjoy as it is... 
Serve hot or cold tastes great in both ways.

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