Monday, January 18, 2016

Golden Paste / Milk


Hello everyone...
Winters are always pleasant and enjoyable with hot and warm things from the kitchen to cherish the evenings with hot hot Chai...  But Winters are when we often get sick with cold and cough,  especially when there are kids at home...

This is the time when the fresh turmeric roots will be on season and which is a great health defense created by nature, it's loaded with lots of anti-aging and anti-cancer properties... Not only these but the benefits of turmeric is lot more...

In Indian cooking we use turmeric powder in almost every dish we cook...  I read in an article that the dry chilli has the tendency to create cancer cells so that's the reason the turmeric is used in all dishes where the chilli powder is used... Am jus sharing, don't know if it's the true fact.

This golden paste is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe used to cleanse the liver and also used as a cure for the joint pains...
As I have added ginger too, this is going to keep you safe and away form all cold related illnesses this winter...

When I found fresh turmeric in the grocery store I was literally jumping in joy...
I got it and planted few in my garden, froze few roots and made this wonderful golden paste with some... But if you don't have access to the fresh roots don't worry this can be made with regular store bought turmeric powder too...


200 gms fresh turmeric or 1/2 cup turmeric powder
100 gms fresh ginger or 1/4 cup ginger powder
5 tbsp coconut oil or almond oil
Water to make a liquid


Peel and chop the turmeric and ginger.
Add them to the blender with enough water to grind into a smooth paste.


Add the turmeric and ginger powder with enough water to make a liquidy paste.

Add the mixture to a nonstick pan and keep stirring till the mixture becomes a thick and resembles a paste.

Remove from heat and add the coconut oil and mix well.

This mixture can be kept in a glass jar and stored in fridge for 2 weeks or can be frozen into cubes.

I prefer to freeze it in silicon chocolate moulds.

Once frozen remove from the moulds and keep in a ziplock, freezed.

I add 1 cube to my smoothies everyday or can be made warm golden milk.

I added 1/2 an apple, 1 slice of kiwi, 1/2 tsp golden paste, a pinch of fresh ground Pepper, dates syrup for sweetening and 1 cup of yogurt (kefir)  to make this smoothie.

For golden milk,  add 1/2 a tsp of paste or 1 frozen cube and fresh ground pepper to boiling milk, add sugar or honey to taste and serve hot.


Adding a pinch of fresh ground pepper makes the effect of golden paste 100 time more beneficial.

Be careful as this mixture tends to stain anything that comes in contact with it.

I used fresh turmeric and ginger, my blender and my hands were stained for 3 days.