Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon grass is a very aromatic herb, mostly used in Thai cuisine. This beautiful herb has many health benefits too...
Last year I got some lemon grass seeds thru Amazon and planted them... This year they have grown in to a large bush and am trying out few recipes with lemon grass...
Recently I tried this refreshing tea made with fresh lemon grass from my garden... You won't believe,  how beautiful the aroma was and how refreshing the taste was...

Let's get refreshed...


Lemon grass 1 stalk
Water 2.5 cups
Honey 2 tbsp

Wash and Chop the lemon grass stalk and leaves and add them to the pan.

Add water to it and let it boil vigorously so that the flavors comes out well.

Switch off the flame.
Close the pan with lid and let it sit for 15 mins.

Strain the mixture into the tea cups and add honey to taste.


Ragi/Finger Miller & Coconut Milk Halwa


Yay.... Its My 175th Recipe here and feel like its time for some healthy celebration...

Ragi is also known as Finger millet... this is a great source of calcium and fiber, No other cereal comes close to ragi when it comes to calcium content...

This recipe was made by my sister, watched by my mom and passed on to me a few months back, i was very much interested in the recipe as the ingredients were very healthy but didn't get time to make it, finally yesterday night i soaked the ragi and went to sleep. Today the first thing i did was making this in the morning, and i am very happy about the outcome and the taste was simply awesome for the simplicity of this recipe.

You wont believe that even my sweet little picky eater asked me for a seconds...

Lets get to the recipe...


Ragi - 1 cup
Coconut milk - 1 cup (i used the store bought coconut milk powder)
Sugar or Jaggery - 1 cup
Cashew ( fried ) - 5 (optional)
Cardamom powder - 1/4th tsp
Ghee - 2 tbsp + for greasing the plate


Soak ragi overnight.
Grind ragi with 2 cups of water and extract milk.
In a thick bottomed pan add Ghee, ragi milk, coconut milk, sugar and cook. 
Keep stirring continuously.
When contents thicken and starts leaving the sides remove pan from the stove..
Add cashew, cardamom powder, stir well and transfer to a greased plate.
Cut into desired shapes when cool.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Creamy Corn


Corn has always been a staple dish in my pantry as Prashe my princess loves them a lot, but unfortunately we don't get the corn on cob here in Doha so most of the time i get the canned or frozen and have it in hand so i can make them for her to enjoy.

She loves to have them the Indian way which we make with chilli powder and butter... the spicy one. This time i wanted to give the regular corn an Italian twist, i had some parsley so i became creative with this one and you know what... it was a super duper hit with the big time corn lover.

The dinner was served with some Airfried Chicken Tenders, this creamy corn and french baguette.

So i don't want to keep you all waiting for the recipe... here we go...


250 gms of corn ( fresh or thawed)
1 tbsp butter
100 gms cream cheese
1 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp chopped parsley


In a pan combine  corn, butter, garlic powder and cream cheese.
When it is heated through and cream cheese is melted and combined well season with pepper (optional) and chopped parsley.

Very simple and easy to make but once you try this you will surely make it again...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Airfried Chicken Tenders


Are you a fan of chicken tenders? Do you visit KFC and other outlets just for these crispy and juicy chicken tenders? I do coz i am a crazy fan of these culprits... lol

The crispy texture and the soft juiciness of the chicken makes me crave for more and more... But i was worried about the deep frying thing... if you are a follower of my blog you will know about me and my health consciousness...

I literally have a BIG BIG aversion towards the deep frying stuff, but i have the love for them so there came the saver in the form of Airfryer... Yes the make the food taste just like deep fried but without the oil.

Here is the recipe of Chicken Tenders...


3 chicken breasts cut into strips
For Marination:

1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp coriander powder
2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp cumin powder
salt to taste
juice of half lemon
1 tsp oil

For Coating

1 egg beaten
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup bread crumbs


Mix all the ingredients with water except chicken strips to make a paste.
Once everything is well combined add the chicken strips and marinate it for an hour.

Preheat the airfryer @ 200 for 5 mins (i used Philips Airfryer)
Keep the flour, bread crumbs and beaten egg in separate flat bowls.
Take a marinated chicken strip and coat it in the flour then egg then in the bread crumb.
Place the breaded chicken strips in the airfryer and fry for 12 - 15 mins... Tadaaaaa.... out comes the crispy and juicy chicken tenders just like the deep fried ones.

Airfried KaraSev


Have any of you imagined a crunchy deep fried snack to be completely healthy and without the calories? 
Karasev with no deep frying and calories!!!... The same crunch, less time consuming and the very least amount of mess in your kitchen... Actually it jus took 30 mins from the start to end and I was left with a plate full of crunchy and melt in mouth Karasev...
Am sure you're not able to wait for the recipe... 

So let get started with the recipe...


1 cup chickpea flour/ besan flour
2 tbsp rice flour
2 tbsp butter softened
1 tsp ajwain or cumin seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric pow
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup water


Mix all the dry ingredients together until well combined.
Add the softened butter and mix well till the mixture resembles bread crumbs.
Add the water little by little to make a stiff dough. Dont add the 1/2 cup water at once.
Preheat the Airfryer @ 180 for 4 mins.(i used Philips Airfryer)
Remove the netted basket alone before preheating.
Stuff the dough in to the sev maker ( i use anjali brand ).
Press the dough thru the sev maker directly in the netted basket, dont over crowd the basket.
I made 3 batches with the above mentioned amount of ingredients.
Put the net basket back in to the airfryer and let it fry for 6-7 mins.
Once you hear the "cling" sound from your airfryer your done with the beautiful, crunchy and melt in mouth buttery KaraSev...
Store in a airtight container for later use.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mutton Yakhni Pulao


I have always had the love for Pakistani cuisine ... My neighbor who is a close friend has started this love and craving for these dishes... I even have a board in my Pinterest which has a collection of Pakistani recipes. I had some mutton left over in my freezer after the quick mutton roast i prepared last week. So i wanted to try any of the Pakistani rice varieties and was going thru pinterest to find any and came across the Yakhni pulao which attracted me...

We love spicy food alot in my house but this Yakhni pulao is a very bland kind but very aromatic and flavor filled one... So i tweaked the recipe a bit to make it fit for our tastebuds...

Here is my tweaked version...


2 cups Basmati rice, soaked for 1 hour


2 tsp Garam masala powder
2 tsp Ginger powder
500 gms mutton, (preferably meat with bone-in)
Salt for mutton


8 green cardamom
10 cloves
2 tbsp cumin
2 tbsp whole coriander seeds
1 large stick cinnamon
2 bay leaf
2 tsp black peppercorns
1 medium-sized onion, peeled
1" fresh ginger
6-8 cloves garlic
2 tbsp chilli powder (for spicy version)
4 cups water
Salt to taste


3-4 tbsp canola oil
6 Green chilli (for spicy version)
1 medium-sized onion sliced thin
15 - 20 whole cashewnuts


Preparation for the yakhni stock:

Marinate the meat with the dry marination for minimum 1 hour or overnight and keep in fridge.

Wrap the spices (cardamom , cloves, cumin, coriander seeds, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, black peppercorns, whole onion marked with an ‘X’ on top n bottom and ginger) in a muslin cloth and secure tightly and  place it in a large stockpot with the marinated meat, chilli powder, garlic cloves, salt and water.

Pressure cook for 4 - 5 whistles. Make sure the meat is tender (3/4 cooked) but not falling off the bone.

The garlic cloves will soften up as they cook, mash them into the stock with the back of a spatula.

Take the meat out of the stock and drain the stock thru a strainer, press hard on the muslin bag to strain out the juices. Set the meat aside.

You should have approximately 3 - 4 cups of stock. If not add enough water to make 3.5 cup stock for 2 cups rice.

Preparation for the pulao:

In a heavy-bottomed pan add oil and sliced onions. On medium heat, fry the onions till caramelized, when the onions start to brown add the green chillies, cashew nuts and fry.  The onions will darken considerably, don’t worry, this gives the pilaf it’s unique golden color.

Turn the heat to low. Add the stock, soaked rice and the reserved meat. Check for salt.

Cover pot with a tea cloth and place lid on top. Allow rice to cook for 20 minutes on very low heat.

Please don’t open the lid during the steaming process. Turn the heat off and allow the rice to settle and rest for 15-20 minutes before opening the lid.

Fluff the rice with a fork or spoon. Serve with plain yogurt or a raita.

I served with onion, coriander leaves and pomegranate raita.


* I had some bone broth in my hand so i added 2 cups of the broth instead of the water, you can even add mink which makes the Pulao more richer.

* Instead of the oil i used the fat collected from the bone broth which actually gave a great flavor to the pulao.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vaangi Bath


Vaangi bath is a speciality of karnataka...  Even the brinjal hater will start loving this dish as it has a great taste,  flavor and aroma which can never be resisted...

Let's get to the recipe...


Brinjal - 10
Rice - 1 cup
Boiling Water - 2 cup
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
Green chillies - 2
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Ghee - 1 tblsp
Salt - As needed
Ginger - 1 inch piece

To Roast and grind

Coconut, grated - 2 tblsp
channa dal - 1 tblsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Coriander seeds - 1 tsp
pepper corns - 7
Red chilli - 3

To temper

Oil - 1 tblsp
Cinnamon - 1 inch piece
Cloves - 2
Elachi - 2
Bay leaves - 1 or 2
Mustard - 1 tsp


Roast all the ingredients with few drops of oil under "To roast and grind" table to golden brown/nice aroma rises....except coconut...coconut can be roasted very slightly, so add it lastly.
Cool it and powder it and keep aside.

Cut brinjal into cubes and keep it immersed in water till use,cut ginger into thin strips and slit the green chillies.

Heat the kadai with a tsp oil and add the seasoning items and roast it nicely. After done add ginger,green chillies and curry leaves.
Add brinjals with turmeric and salt fry for 2 mins.

Add the ground masala and mix for 2 mins.
Take care that brinjal doesn't gets mashed.

Add the boiling water and rice, cover and cook in low flame till the rice is done which is around 15 to 20 mins.

Sprinkle with ghee before serving.