Friday, February 20, 2015

Cashew Almond Milk


Hello everyone am back with a healthy homemade nut milk again... My trials with different combination of nut milk is going on and here i am with cashew almond milk... the taste of this milk is very creamy as there is cashew in it... i just loved the smoothness of this milk. Hope every one of you will do the same.

If you want to substitute cow milk with nut milk and this will be an apt option for many uses. the creaminess is just outstanding...

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Lets get nutty from here...


Cashew 1/2 cup
Almonds 1/2 cup
Water 3 - 4 cups(the lesser the water the more creamier milk you get)


Soak the nuts in water for minimum of 6 hours or overnight, this makes the nuts more softer and get blended more finely.

Strain the water from the nuts and add them to the blender with half of the mentioned water and blend in high speed for 2 - 3 mins in your blender, Add more water and blend for another 1 minute.

Open the blender and check if the nuts are finely ground, if not run for 1 more minute.

Line a cheese cloth or thin cloth over a strainer placed on a bowl.
Pour the ground nut mixture in the cloth and add any remaining water and let it sit for half an hour so most of the liquid will be strained.

At this stage there will be very little liquid in the mixture so just try to squeeze it out and transfer the milk to any container and store in the fridge.

Use the milk as you wish, you can add any sweetener of your choice ( i like my nut milk with jaggery, they taste like heaven)

Serve cold for more compliments... lol

Please leave your comments, Love to hear from you...

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